The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services PLLC

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services is a group practice staffed by a mixed group of licensed clinicians trained to handle every area of your life experience. Our clients receive support for anger, marriages, trauma, family, individual, parenting and transitional coaching. We utilize an eclectic approach to address ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression and other mood disorders using medication therapy to enhance our client’s care.

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    The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services started in a community of color, providing affordable mental health care at rates less than 2/3 of other therapists’ charges. Today we are a group practice of more than 50 clinicians motivated to meet your needs. From your first call to a therapist assignment, a nonjudgmental collaborative environment is what we work to realize. At The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services, we firmly believe in empowering our clients to discover and trust in therapeutically proven ways of treating anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, anger, and grief; thereby, exploding the myths about mental health.


    Our mission at The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services is to offer individuals struggling with behavioral and emotional challlenges affordable and exceptional mental health services, utilizing current evidenced based intervention that promotes recovery, healing and healthy living.

    Our Values

    The values upon which The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services was founded on are to treat everyone, regardless of race, age or socioeconomic status, mental health services in an environment that is homely and culturally-sensitive, through excellent care provided by exceptionally-trained clinicians.

    About our Practice:

    The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services is uniquely located along the Queens and long Island boarder serving a large multicultural population that speaks Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Haitian-Creole, Greek and English. Our clinicians speak these different languages which make it easier for anyone to identify with a face and language they can be comfortable working with when they visit. We acknowledge the global challenges correlated with increasing mobility and migration and have set out to foster a multicultural practice thus communicating across cultures with clinicians that look like their clients, speak their language & support them within their own values, beliefs, and language.

    What We Do

    The crux of what we do always revolves around the population that we serve in the community. We believe that every person can learn to develop healthy behaviors with regulated emotions. We are dedicated to using up to date evidenced based interventions that have been proven to work with our clients. Thus, allowing our clients to return to their community to live a more holistic and healthy life. We believe when the clinic operates smoothly our clients feel better. Our clients’ positive treatment outcome is supported by a clinically designed electronic health platform that streamlines treatment delivery and client engagement anywhere they feel safe and comfortable.

    How Things Are

    Mental health counselors fill many different roles and duties depending on each client’s specific challenge. Among the roles and duties we fill here at The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services are:

    1. We diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional challenges that presents with symptoms found in anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder to name a few.
    2. We help our clients open up about their unique challenges. This is probably one of the most important aspect of the therapeutic relationship between the client and the clinician. Many people don’t have someone to talk to about their challenges prior to coming to us. Our trained clinicians understand the client’s situation and do their best to help them transition from that place of bleakness and isolation to a place of warm acceptance.
    3. We help our clients process in a healthy way the dysfunctional way they may have reacted to everyday life challenges, such as being laid off from work; going through a divorce or having to cope with the loss of a love one through death. We understand that people have different default patterned responses to their unique life situation and we take into consideration the specific patterned response of each client through the counseling process. There is no “catch all” approach for all people when it comes to their unique situation. Our interventions are always culturally customized to systematically adjust to the unique patterned response of our clients.
    4. Struggling with making important, potentially life-changing decision? This is well within the scope of our expertise and service. Two heads are better than one, they say, and we are ready to listen to you and work with you utilizing different approaches and interventions that will help you make the decisions that will have a lasting and positive impact on your life.
    5. Afraid that you don’t have the right skills to make changes in your life? We at The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services teach our clients important life changing skills and strategies that they need to effectively cope with their unique challenge. You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to be ashamed. The moment you begin opening up to your therapist about what you are struggling with it becomes apparent to you that he/she will begin to devise ways and means for you to overcome and eventually, triumph over the challenge that bought you to The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services.
    6. We have a strong professional network that is available to participate in the coordination of your care; from medication therapy to parenting classes, anger management, family conflicts, romantic relationship stress and transitional coaching.

    One Community, The New Hope

    We believe that everyone who requires our counseling services should receive the kind of quality of care that will promote balance and healing to our clients.
    The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services was founded to bring quality care to everyone, regardless of race, age, social background, age, and we continue to offer the most affordable mental health services in the area.
    Our commitment is further boosted by a homely and culturally sensitive environment that is supported at all times by ethical, disciplined, and exceptionally trained mental health professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, ensuring a truly well rounded and multifaceted approach to bringing health and balance to people who need it the most.

    All Cultures and Languages under One Home

    Multicultural America has always been comprised of a variety of cultures and languages. The natural composition of our community means we treat a large client base from minority populations.
    Our clients speak a diverse range of languages, from English to Spanish, Bengali, and Haitian Creole.
    As such, we have clinicians who are adept in speaking these languages, ensuring that no language gap will ever impede our job. We believe that a familiar face and common language can do wonders for people who need counseling, and having staff who can easily communicate with everyone not just in English is vital for the success of everybody.