About Us

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services, formerly Help to Adjust Counseling, has served the greater community for over 10 years. We are a comprehensive counseling center providing all types of therapy for all populations. We also have psychiatric nurse practitioners on site to provide medication therapy. We work with children as young as 5 years old. Adolescents come to us for academic, social, and emotional support. High functioning adults come for support for relationship, family, and life adjustments. We also help individuals that are mandated by employment, courts, or other agencies. We also offer weekly parenting classes, a one day Anger Management class, and career transition coaching. We represent a diverse group of licensed, highly trained, and compassionate counselors who speak different languages, including Spanish, Haitian-Creole, and Bengali. The aim of our culturally sensitive team is to provide affordable, quality therapies for all.

Our Mission:

Our mission at New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services is to offer individuals struggling with behavioral and emotional struggles affordable and exceptional mental health services, utilizing current evidenced-based interventions that promote recovery, healing, and healthy living.

Our Values:

The values upon which The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services was founded are to treat everyone, regardless of race, age, or socioeconomic status, and to offer the most affordable mental health services in an environment that is homely and culturally-sensitive, through the excellent service of our exceptionally-trained mental health professionals.

About our Practice:

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services is uniquely located along the Queens and Long Island border. We provide services to a large minority base population that speaks Spanish, Bengali, Haitian Creole, and English.

The New Hope Mental Health Counseling Services has clinicians who speak these different languages, which makes it easier for anyone to identify with a face and language they can be comfortable working with when they come for a visit.