Divorce Meditation

Is it possible to work through a divorce with a more positive outlook, with the general aim of creating a proactive atmosphere that will take into account both the practical dimensions of the process and the emotional aspects? Yes.

In contrast with attorney litigated divorce, divorce mediation offers a more peaceful, less stressful and on the whole more productive opportunity to carry out the process without permanently damaging either of the parents. While the romantic ties are definitely cut during a divorce, the responsibilities of parenthood continue. Productive negotiation is key to a more amicable divorce and we can help mediate during this process of negotiation. This includes the division of property, and how resources will be allocated, especially when there are kids involved. Issues like co-parenting, visitation, and all these important factors can create a testy atmosphere that can easily damage all the parties involved.

There is no need to put anyone through more than the bare minimum of pain during a divorce. Current research shows that while divorce can be hard for the children, co-parenting definitely eases the tensions and helps the children recover more quickly. However, this is only possible when the parents sustain the respect and good will in the formula. Remove any of these and you have a recipe for divorce disaster.

How We Help

We offer divorce mediation because we want to make the process less painful for everyone involved. Economically, divorce mediation often costs less than attorney litigated divorce. Remember: both parties will have to hire a lawyer during an attorney litigated divorce. With divorce mediation, you have one mediator working on the best interests of both parties.

Can’t attorneys do the same thing as divorce mediators?

Lawyers can provide value in commercial lawsuits, but in the case of divorce proceedings, what is usually kept out of the equation is the fact that that there are many disputes that requires psychological mediation.
Clients involved in a divorce often bring tremendous levels of tension, stress, and emotions to the table, and these will obviously hinder productivity on both ends.

Divorce mediators are well-versed in divorce proceedings and family law, and their value lies in the fact that they can walk through people the legal aspects of the divorce while still focusing on the psychological impact of this large life transition. Divorce is never ‘just divorce’ and the trauma and psychological impact on all those involved is huge.

A large part of what we do is educating both parties about the proceedings, and while it is true that divorce mediators do not practice law, they are well-versed in helping people develop the right mindsets for making important decisions.

Compare this to a situation where you mostly have an “either/or” say in what happens next and you begin to see the value of professional, psychological mediation. What we bring to the table is help with the
dimensions of the divorce that are no longer covered by attorney litigated divorce.

For one, we will be right there with you as you pore through the various obstacles that are impeding you from working synergistically with the other party. We also help our clients overcome fear, anger, and anxiety – three things that can be crippling to anyone, especially people who are going through something as substantial as a divorce.

Can we still help even after the divorce has been finalized? Absolutely. Part of the beauty of divorce mediation is we can also help with post-decree modifications with whatever agreements or plans there are.
The presence of a mediator who is looking out for the best interests of all those concerned is definitely invaluable, and we can definitely guide you through all the steps that will lead to the creation of a concrete and beneficial plan that will be advantageous to both the parents and the kids.

In the end, we all want what is best for the kids, and yes, we can work with you closely to achieve this end without compromising you or the other party.

The length of the divorce mediation will depend largely on the willingness of either party to be mediated. Obviously, if one party is recalcitrant and scoffs at the idea of getting help, it may take longer.