Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy that is focused on couples. This type of psychotherapy is recommended for couples who struggle with conflicts (both short term and long term) and would like to improve their handling of the same, and at the same time, work on their relationships.

Marriage counseling is carried out by qualified and experienced psychotherapists (marriage therapists/family therapists) and many of them are recognized by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

The approach that will be undertaken during the therapy will depend on different factors, and whether or not only one or both persons are interested in the intervention. There will be a treatment plant that will evolve as the therapist learns about the specificities of the issues and problems that are causing the strife or conflict in the relationship.

How We Help

Marriage counseling can be a huge help to all couples, not just the married ones, and the psychotherapy is beneficial to all genders and sexual orientations.

The focus is behavior, conflict resolution, and the dynamics of the couples, and how they go about their daily lives living with one another. Some people seek marriage counseling not because they are extremely troubled or on the verge of breaking up, but simply because they want to strengthen the precious bond that is already there.

Developing better understanding of one another is a precious commodity indeed, and to some people it doesn’t come as easily especially when changes have occurred in the lives of those affected, and these changes have also altered the dynamics of the relationship. You can also seek marriage counseling if:

  • – You have been having trouble communicating with your partner our spouse, and this has created an unnecessary but painful rift between the two of you. 
  • – If there are difficulties with having sex, regardless of the period of the said problem. Whether the problem emerged a year ago or has persisted for a  decade, it doesn’t matter – you can seek marriage counseling for help, and to get solutions. 
  • – You are encountering problems dealing with a blended family. Couples who are struggling with rearing their child/children can also seek the help of a marriage counselor. 
  • – Marriage counseling is also an ideal space to discuss substance abuse of one or both parties. The focus would be to identify the possible triggers of the substance abuse and its affiliated behaviors, and develop a plan of action that will hopefully bring long term healing and recovery to all those concerned, not just the patient. 
  • – Excessive anger or poorly managed anger can also be a cause of severe conflict in a marriage. If you feel that your anger knows no bounds or your spouse’s anger has been getting the best of him/her, it is important that you seek help immediately because there is no reason to continue putting up with abusive behavior that will only cause further harm to the both of you. 
  • – Infidelity hurts everyone, not just the spouse. Infidelity can shatter years and years worth of work at building trust and stability in a family and relationship. But there is hope.

Our marriage counselors are here to help. We will walk you through the issues and events, and establish a space where you can begin communicating with your spouse again, and within this process, recovery from infidelity can begin. It will be a long process, but with timely intervention, a relationship can recover from infidelity. 

Marriage counseling, like other kinds of psychotherapy, will focus a lot on three things: opening the lines of communication across all the parties that are affected, developing better problem-solving skills, and finally, learning how to discuss problems, issues, and differences in a rational and logical manner.